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What Is the Meaning of Seeing an Accident in a Dream?

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

In a world full of worry, stress, and accidents waiting to happen around any corner, the one place we can turn toward to feel a sense of safety is that escape from it all when we lay our heads down to rest at night. Sadly, our dreams don’t always provide this safe space of whimsical wonder… They can sometimes be nightmares reflecting places of trauma we feel mentally or physically in our daily lives.

If we see or experience an accident in our dream, what could that mean? Could that be a sign of something bigger happening in our lives that we’re unaware of? This type of knowledge isn’t discussed as much as it should be openly, so if you’re someone who has experienced this as you sleep then here’s what you should be paying more attention to when you wake. So lay back, relax, and let our accident attorneys be your guides through the dream world. (please note we are not professional dream analysts)

How can I decipher my accident dream meaning?

While attempting to decipher the meaning of a dream, context is everything! We are all different individuals leading unique lives, so to say that dreaming of an accident for one person has the same root cause as every other would be incorrect.

You first must understand what exactly occurred in the dream, being meticulous about the details of the accident. Take a car accident dream, for example. It is very common to dream about either being in a car accident or witnessing one. The initial reaction you might have would be to stay away from a car for as long as possible because you might be looking at the dream from too literal of a stance. I doubt that you were blessed with the gift of foresight, so in this case, it might be best to investigate what a car accident dream could mean symbolically.

In a dream, a car crash could represent something within your life reaching an abrupt end. Professional Dream interpreter Lauri Loewenberg explains car accident dreams by stating, “Cars take us places, they move forward, so they usually represent something in progress and moving forward, whether that’s a relationship, career project, or a health goal.” This would mean that your car (relationship, career project, life goal) is either approaching or has already hit, an end that is likely out of your control.

Let’s not forget… context is everything! Understanding now what the working pieces of a car accident dream could mean, we can delve deeper into the details of specific situations within a dream involving a car accident that can warp its meaning altogether.

Were you the driver of the car?

If so, that could spell trouble. Being the driver of the car in your dream means that whatever it is that has you shaken is being caused by insecurities about decisions that you’ve made in your life. Something that you may have had complete control over and fear the choice you made is leading you down the wrong path, or possibly even a destructive one.

If you weren’t the driver of the car, and just a passenger on a one-way trip to “Wrecksville”, then that represents you playing a passive role in a situation that is in someone else’s hands. The one driving the car might be someone who you’ve given control of an aspect of your life, or relationship, and your passiveness about the situation is harming you mentally, emotionally, or even physically. Depending on whether you were in the passenger seat or the backseat of the car could also indicate subconsciously how much power you give this person over you in the situation. This can represent your subconscious fear of losing control in certain instances.

Another element of a car accident dream that plays a major role in piecing together its meaning is the nature of the accident.

Who caused the automobile accident?

Did you cause the crash? Did someone else hit you? Can you make an insurance claim? No, but it’s only a dream of course! Although, those factors are still important when trying to understand your dream. If you were dreaming of a head-on collision this dream signifies that you may be experiencing a confrontation with a person in reality. A car accident caused by a distraction at the wheel has been described by Lauri Loewenberg as “a message from the subconscious that you've taken your focus off some situation or some relationship and because of that, it has crashed and burned", and if that’s the case make sure as soon as you wake up you call that person and tell them you love them. Unless you prefer those bridges burned! Let’s say you didn’t get into a head-on collision or get distracted at the wheel by someone texting your dream phone.

What if in the dream you were rear-ended by someone?

That could be an indication that something from your past is causing the present issue that’s weighing down on your mind. Anytime that you’re looking back at something in your dream, it represents you looking at the past or something you’ve already surpassed. Next time you wake up from a car accident dream, and are trying to decipher the cause, then make sure to keep a mental note of the nature of the accident because – let’s not forget – context is everything!

What if I wasn't in a car accident but some other type of accident happened?

Now I’m sure we all know that car accidents aren’t the only accidents that we may come across in the dream world, especially because the opportunities are endless!

Another accident that you might be in is a boating accident. Congruent to the meaning of a car in car accident dreams, the boat represents a relationship, career goal, or life path that you have.

The difference lies in the movement of a boat. Unlike a car, a boat needs a current, wind, and outside elements to push forth through the seas. According to Café au Soul’s dream dictionary, “Water accidents can portray fears about how circumstances feel beyond your control and are leading you forward. Choppy water can be a message about feelings you are not confronting that would better serve you if you approached how you feel honestly. Calm water can portray the ways you attempt to go with the flow to master your forward movement.”

So, when you experience a boating accident in your dream, much like James Cameron’s Avatar, make sure you pay attention to “The Way of Water”. These types of dreams could be telling you that you are losing control and need to exercise the power you have more in your life so that you can gain stability in the areas you might feel like you’re lacking in.

Plane Accident

We’ve dealt with accidents on the road, as well as accidents on the water, but what are you to conclude from your dream when in an accident while traveling 30,000 feet above the ground? Plane crash dreams are a little bit different from boat and car accident dreams in the sense that plane dreams are similarly linked in meaning to dreams of flying or birds.

They are symbolic of being above your daily tribulations and having that sense of relief, truly being liberated from your troubles. Although, when that plane comes crashing down it could mean that now that sense of liberation has been taken from you!

According to Alo Dream, “These dreams are said to represent the battles going on between our conscious and unconscious mind. Your subconscious may be urging you to go one way, but your mind may want you to go another, and the emotional toll is represented by the crash.”

Understanding the general interpretation of going through an accident in the air does help us better understand our own dreams of accidents, but as mentioned earlier context is everything! Not every dream involving a plane crash is the same, so not every dream will have the same root cause or meaning.

Was turbulence the cause of the crash?

This could mean that you went through a situation you weren’t prepared for and it's giving rise to an outburst of emotion, making it hard for you to continue to push through.

Were you not on the plane, just an observer of the wreck?

According to The List, “watching a plane crash can reveal the fact that you’re struggling to finish what you started, or that the schemes that you set in motion aren’t going to plan.”

Did you survive the crash?

Experts say that this can actually be something positive, as it represents you overcoming turmoil.

Were there snakes on the plane? If that’s the case, you probably just finished watching that movie the night before!

Motorcycle accident

A motorcycle accident dream implies that you have a fear of what the future holds. Similar to a car wreck this dream shows a hinderance of motion forward. This also applies to a train accident, but think more decision based.

Should I start paying attention to my dreams?

In no way is this article trying to tell you that you have to pay attention to your dreams, but it is interesting that the subconscious mind may be trying to tell you something through dreams. While some may say these are all spiritual interpretations, but there is a very strong connection between dreams and an individuals emotional state.

Our dreams can help us really understand ourselves if we take the time to reflect on them. Don’t forget that context is everything, so keep track of the details. Whether you’re in a car, a boat, or a plane, your mind is telling you the path that you’re on now is ending but remember that every end is followed by a new beginning.

Also remember, if you do experience an accident in the real world, you always can call Demesmin and Dover Law Firm. 24 hours a day every day at 866-954-MORE (6673)


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