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Property Damage and Storm Loss

What is Property Damage? 

If you own any form of property, you are bound to sustain some damage in time. These damages can occur for several reasons, most of the time not the owner's fault. Rain, fire, wind and other natural disasters can be the cause and diminish the value of your property greatly. 


Therefore, most individuals get insurance on their possessions and assume that their insurer will cover any loss or damage to that piece of property. Although sometimes your insurance can deny your claim, so then what do you do? Well, at that point, it becomes clear you need the help of a property damage attorney.

What is the difference between Property Damage and Storm Loss Damages?

 Property Damage is an all-encompassing term. Technically, when you go through a storm loss issue, you are filing a property damage claim. Property damage can include anything ranging from an individual destroying your property to a natural disaster. Therefore, property damage is the term that encompasses storm loss, but it also includes things like a car being damaged in an accident or a tree falling through your window in your house.   

How Do You File A Property Damage Claim?

When it comes to any claim, it is important to gain as much information as possible. This means documenting the incident with photos, videos, etc., from before and after the incident. A public claims adjuster will assist you with gathering all the evidence for the claim and calculating the damages. 


Should I Hire A Property Damage Attorney? 

Getting an attorney to assist you in your property damage claim will make things easier for you. The property damage attorney has a familiarity with these types of cases and will help you negotiate and gain the compensation you deserve.





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