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Claudia Murati is an Associate Attorney at Demesmin & Dover Law Firm.

Born in Puerto Rico, Claudia Murati moved with her family to Hillsborough County, Florida in February 1995. As a natural born Puerto Rican, she is fluent in Spanish. Claudia entered the legal field shortly after graduating high school and continued to work as legal assistant in the personal injury field, while simultaneously working towards a higher education. She ultimately earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations from the University of South Florida. 

Having earned her bachelor’s degree, Claudia branched out in her legal career and became a dedicated paralegal advocating for victims of nursing home abuse. After more than a decade of supporting other attorneys, she made the decision to advance her career by applying to and attending law school.  

After completing the LSAT, Claudia received a scholarship and embarked on her academic journey with Western Michigan University Cooley Law School. Despite having a full course load, she continued to work part-time as a paralegal while balancing her primary role as a mother to her amazing daughter.  

Just months shy of graduation, Claudia welcomed her beautiful son into the world several weeks ahead of schedule. Despite his eager and early arrival, she continued dedicating herself to her family, her studies, and her professional deadlines. As a reward for her tenacity, Claudia graduated with her class on schedule, and reached her stringent goal of becoming an attorney, before the close of 2022.  

Claudia joined Demesmin & Dover in November 2022. The levels of dedication and perseverance she exhibits in her personal and professional life, in addition to her many years of experience, knowledge, and client advocacy, will undoubtedly serve her clients well.  

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