When is a written boating accident report required?

Updated: Aug 3

If you live in the state of Florida, you know how many people own boats but did you know boating accidents also happen? There’s so many questions that come along with a boating accident and we are here to help answer some of them. `

Who Should You Report an Accident to?

If you or a loved one were involved in a boating accident, you may be wondering who do you report the accident to? In the state of Florida the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are generally the group that you would report an accident to. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission will determine then whether a written report is needed, where that report can be found, where to file the report and what the next steps are. You can also contact a lawyer to determine what the best way to file the report would be.

‍When Do You Report a Boating Accident?

You should report a boating accident if two boats collide, a boat capsizing, a boat sinking, etc. If an accident involves property damage, death or injury.

How long after can a Report be made?

The incident should be immediately reported on the date of the incident. You can report the incident to any of the following agencies: Florida and Wildlife Conservation Commission, The County Sheriff's office, or The Police Chief Municipality where the accident occurred.

‍What Damages are Recoverable?

Any damages made to your personal vessel or property, medical transportation or bills, and lost wages can be covered. A boating accident can result in fatality and loss. A wrongful death lawsuit could also arise from a case like this. In that case things such as funeral costs , loss of financial support, etc. can be taken into account.

How do you determine liability in a Boating Accident? ‍

Liability is determined by who the negligent party is. If the defendant can prove breach of duties which caused the accident or any way to link the resulting damage then liability can be proven. 44% of reported accidents are due to drivers inattention due to cellular devices, BUIs (Boating Under the Influence), etc.

So How Do I Go About Getting A Lawyer?

If you are trying to navigate through a boating accident, then you should call the attorneys that care. Call Demesmin and Dover Law Firm 24-7 at 866-954-MORE. Our personal injury attorneys will help navigate you through your case.

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