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What is a self driving car? Does it help prevent accidents?

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

As cars continue to advance and develop new features it’s no surprise that the Batman car doesn't seem so far off from what is possible today. Cars now can be charged electric, have full touch screens, answer questions you have and now even drive themselves. So what does that mean for drivers? Are the roads safer because technology now has such capabilities or did things not change much at all? Well here is all we know about autonomous cars.

How Autonomous Cars Have Evolved

Believe it or not cars had autonomous features for quite some time now, no they weren’t fully able to drive themselves, but the features some cars offered were the first steps into getting to that point. These features started as early as the 1950s, gotta love that cruise control, this feature was a starting point and now is featured in most if not all cars.

The early 2000s then brought about safety features we all know and love such as the blind spot detectors, forward collision warnings, and lane departure warnings. These technologies were able to use sensors to detect danger. It wasn’