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Welcome to Demesmin and Dover Law Firm

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

(This piece is a parody of occurrences at the office that are over-dramatized. None of the information present in this piece is a direct reflection of any of the attorneys mentioned.)

Demesmin and Dover law firm is a personal injury law firm nestled on 17th St. in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The building, visible from the road, is adorned in the company logo on all windows and waves its black and gold flag at all times. As you enter the building you are greeted by the smell of warm coffee and a bright smiling face belonging to their front desk assistant. She then kindly buzzes you in to the conference room where both managing partners, Jeremy Dover and Victor Demesmin Jr, wait to speak to you. After having their meeting with you, they will then show you around and introduce you to their wonderful team.

So, why am I telling you this? Well, working at or even working with Demesmin and Dover Law Firm is unlike working with/at any other personal injury law firm. There is a personal touch or aspect to it you won’t find anywhere else. So as all good reporters do, I followed the subjects around for a few days. I started with the attorneys...

Jeremy Dover

Jeremy is one of the founding partners of Demesmin and Dover law firm in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Jeremy gets to work, enjoys a protein shake, does some push ups, and reads his morning emails. He is a very knowledgeable personal injury attorney and has rather impressive biceps, which pop out of his suit.

He creates numerous teachable moments about different aspects of the law, although the employees appear somewhat lost at times and distracted by numerous other things. Some of these things being where they should sit, their current day dreams, if this is where they expected to be in life, or if the information even pertains to them.

Jeremy can often be seen scootering around the office, at times with a nerf gun shooting insubordinate employees.

When an employee was asked to comment on the matter she simply replied “He constantly does stuff like this and doesn’t even supply us with a way to defend ourselves.”

Jeremy while I was recording this statement was seen laughing maniacally and then proceeded to shoot at me…. Thus I decided to move to my next subject.

Victor Demesmin Jr.

Victor, another one of the two founding partners, was found in his office listening to recordings of their radio ads and playing basketball in the small customized hoop behind the door. As he threw the ball he would pause the recording finding new ways to word what was previously said.

As I entered the office the ball missed my head by maybe an inch, and I picked it up and proceeded to put it in the hoop, to which he replied, “remember who put you on the game of basketball.”

Victor likes to engage with the employees in the office through TikTok videos and small chats here and there. He is constantly found “dropping it low” and replicating TikTok dances throughout the office. He seems to invade anyone’s space when he wants to discuss UFC and is constantly found laying on the ground asking other attorneys if they want to “roll with him?” I am still not quite sure what it means, but he seems to enjoy it.

Some employees seem to never be able to find him, so they created a ticketing system to schedule meetings with him.

One employee from the marketing department commented saying “I made a ticket like the ones you get in a Publix Deli, but this one has a scheduled time and place on it.”

Yet somehow the employee still didn’t get to see Victor first, as another one had entered before her. Then when she proceeded to enter at the scheduled time, Victor was nowhere to be found. I tried myself to find Victor for a comment, but could not seem to do so. That's when I saw the next office which needed no introduction.

Patricia Francois

Patricia is a personal injury attorney at the office. She is the first female attorney that was hired here at Demesmin and Dover law firm and she will not let you forget it. If you challenge her throne, she will just blast Beyoncé songs until you run from her office in fear. The queen bee has entered the building and you bet she will fight for your case with pride. Patricia constantly dresses to the nines, her impeccable fashion sense does not go unnoticed.

She can be found often in the marketing room by the thermostat changing the temperature to her liking. Her no nonsense approach to the way her office is run, is seen in the way she handles both herself and the office's climate.

Christopher Berman

Christopher, whom I learned upon being around the staff goes by Chris, is an attorney who I noticed was only half in a suit, so the people attending his zoom meeting did not even notice. Chris was in a very colorful office with a scene of Fort Lauderdale covering the walls. Not to mention, the mini Where's Waldo style Jeremy and Victor’s all over the scene. In the office, it is as if the two partners are literally everywhere at all times.

Chris has a laid back attitude and is very motivated to succeed. He also has a passion for golfing. So much so, that while he is trying to think about ways to handle a case he is also setting up mini green putting courses around the office.

As he hits the ball into the hole, you occasionally will hear him cheer something to the effect of “Oh yeah, what now? Give it to the Berm Daddy!"

Josh Costello

Josh, a PIP manager at the firm has a mountain of paperwork on his desk. I looked at it and wondered how is this man not drowning? His office other than that, was pristine and neat. I learned that he had only joined the firm not too long ago after numerous years in the field. From the looks of it, he too got pulled into Chris’s golfing habit, as there was a stack of clubs in the corner.

He moved one of the piles while I was looking to see what exactly he was doing. The array of sticky notes had plastered the pile he just moved. He looked up from the papers and saw me standing by the door. He smiled and waved at me then quickly went back to what he was doing. The man did not speak much, yet his smile was friendly.

Christian Lexima

Christian can be found in his office looking at photos from the most recent 305 race while talking to adjusters about claims for his clients. I even saw there was a bike sitting in the room along with a very in your face Demesmin and Dover branded cycling outfit. The outfit was nicely hung up on the wall above the bike; it almost seemed like a biking shrine.

Christian also likes to engage with his team through a game of riddles. The group from what I saw, sends each other riddles and sees who can answer first.

As I walked past the office I heard one of them say “That’s not fair you cheated there’s no way you knew that one.” This was all due to a client in his office giving him a clue as to what the answer was.

Brianna Khan

Brianna has a sweet, delicate smile and is seen diligently typing in her office. Her coffee is perfectly placed on her desk and her posture is very straight, no slouching at all. Her fingers fall perfectly on each key and every time she picks something up it is put down in the exact same place.

She is one of the attorneys that is seen making copies often or standing waiting for something to print. I noticed her quietly walk past and then back towards someone's desk to say hello. She also tended to make odd eye contact with other employees.

Robert Greenbaum

Robert, otherwise known as Rob is somewhat of an office celebrity. I found that anytime there is an event Rob dances and makes the people smile. According to another employee it is a sight to see and a main attraction for the Demesmin and Dover booth.

Rob can also be seen in his office smiling about the day. When I asked him as to why he explained it was because “The weather was beautiful this morning and running in it was amazing. Then I went home to chill with my dog for a bit and then came into my favorite office.”

It seems as though he is very content with his daily schedule.

Dahlene Miller

Dahlene was an attorney that was hard to find similarly to Victor, although I was alerted that she could be found through the Instagram app. Apparently she is easily found through the company story, gallivanting at some events and creating new connections.

She also supposedly thinks she is a mermaid. Maybe it's due to the red hair, not exactly sure. Apparently her reasoning behind being hard to reach has to do with her getting no ‘shell service’. Although somehow Instagram works due to the ‘wave-fi’.

So how was my experience overall at Demesmin and Dover?

Well, I would definitely say it was interesting but what is more shocking is how well and intelligently they handle their cases. It’s as if the fun, almost chaotic environment contributes to the impeccable functionality of the machine. I had to ask the HR Director his thoughts on the company and I was met with a “Wait you’re a reporter?” which he then turned towards everyone in the office and said “See I keep telling y’all…” I took this as my queue to leave and slowly walked out.

As I went to get into the garage parking lot to leave, I felt a small foam bullet hit my shoulder. I picked it up, looked over towards the building and saw Jeremy Dover laughing and running into the building. Victor yelled through the door “Make sure we look good.” I drove off with the thought that if I ever needed a personal injury attorney I knew who I’d be calling, Demesmin and Dover Law Firm at 866-954-MORE (6673).


Apr 11

Congratulations on the success of Demesmin and Dover Law Firm. I hope the company will operate more in related fields. flappy bird


Apr 08

This show is so funny doodle baseball

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