Motorcycle Safety Tips You Should Know

Updated: Jul 27

A lot of people enjoy the thrill and exhilarating adventure of riding a motorcycle. However it can be very dangerous if proper precautions aren’t taken. In fact motorcycle accident fatalities have increased by 9% since 2010 and 95% of those accidents were due to the use of alcohol.

Demesmin and Dover's Motorcycle Safety Tips

In order to keep yourself safe, here are some precautions and tips you may want to consider before a ride.

#1 Safety Courses:

Taking a safety course will teach you the road rules for a motorcycle as well as some actions you can take if a situation arises. Driving a motorcycle is a serious task that involves good judgment and skill to drive. This course is also a great place to practice before fully getting on the road

#2 The Weather

If you are riding a bike it's important to know the weather forecast for the day. Not only so you don’t get wet but also so you know the condition of the road. Bad weather conditions make visibility much more difficult. Therefore it is probably a better decision to choose a different day to ride.

#3 Proper Gear

There is gear you can wear to ensure you are protected from things like debris and road rash as much as possible. You want to choose a full face helmet that is certified by the Department of Transportation and fits you properly. It is proven to reduce the number of motorcycle accident fatalities by 37%. You may also want to try boots, a long jacket, pants and gloves as well.

#4 Check Your Bike Regularly

Ensuring your lights, tire pressure, and mirrors are working properly before taking a trip out is important. You also want to make sure there are no loose bolts, leaks, or mechanical hazards. You also need to be diligent about care for the vehicle, meaning regular oil changes, chain and suspension adjustments, brake pad, and tire wear and tear.

#5 Abide by Traffic Rules

Of course this one seems obvious but it is extremely important on a motorcycle. This means paying attention to speed limits and road signs extremely carefully.

#6 Watch for Hazards on the Road

Due to the fact you are on a bike you deal with the fact that you have less visibility, and can run into problems more easily. Small things in the road like oil, a bit of gravel, or a pothole can make you lose traction.

#7 Maintain a Safe Distance

If you maintain a safe distance away from cars you have less of a chance to run into an accident. Also it gives you enough time to stop when you need to. It is also smart to always have room for an escape route out of the path of danger if need be, such as the shoulder of the road

#8 Select the right Bike for you

This may seem like a strange point to make but finding a bike that suits your needs. Things like the bike's power is important and dependent on the weight. You want to ensure the bike is not too large for you and that it works for you.

All of these tips should help you avoid motorcycle accidents. Although if you do happen to get into an accident, you may want a personal injury attorney on your side. Call us at Demesmin and Dover law firm and we will help you learn about your legal options during your free consultation. We want to ensure the victim gets the compensation you deserve.

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