How to Describe a Car Accident

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We know Describing an Accident is Difficult so here's a few tip to do so:

After a car accident it is very difficult to recount the series of events. The amount of adrenaline, stress, and overall shock deters people from being able to communicate properly as to what occurred. That is why it is so important to take a step away from the scene, take a deep breath, and try to reorganize your thoughts. If possible start to write down your recounting of the event.

As accident attorneys we believe it is our responsibility to give you the tips to try and stay safe on the roads. We know how stressful an accident can be and that describing what happened directly after can be difficult. This is why we are here to help to provide you with tips and tools on how to describe an accident.

Tips to follow when describing an accident:

Take a Moment to Breathe

We understand that it can be difficult to process what happened after an accident. It is important to take a step away, breathe, and calm yourself. Accidents result in heightened anxiety and stress therefore everything becomes difficult to see clearly. Breathing and calming the mind even slightly is important for your health and so that you are able to properly describe what occurred.

Gather and Write Down Your Thoughts

Ask yourself some questions and jot down your answers. You need to be truthful and

write as many details as you can. Stick to the facts. Here’s some questions you’ll want to answer:

  • How many people were involved in the accident?

  • How many cars were involved in the accident?

  • Where were you when the accident happened?

  • What caused the accident?

  • Was reckless driving involved?

  • What was the reckless driver doing if anyone? Speeding? Not Abiding by Road Signs? Etc.

  • Were any drivers impaired?

  • Did you notice the driver doing anything out of the ordinary before the accident?

  • Were their witnesses? What did they see?

  • Did the other driver approach your vehicle and say anything regarding the accident?

Take Pictures

If you have the physical ability to do so, take pictures! Those pictures have extreme amounts of value when it comes to your case. You can take pictures of the scene of the accident, damages caused, license plates, mile markers, construction nearby, etc. If the other driver becomes angered by you taking photos, stop. Some people become angered and somewhat aggressive, if this is the case inform your attorney immediately and have someone come to take photos for you.

Gather Information

If there are witnesses, ask what they saw and record any important details. You’ll want to keep their name and information handy in case you need it later. You also need information from the other driver/drivers involved in your accident such as their insurance card and drivers license. These are two pieces of information both you and the other driver are supposed to have exchanged. If you were involved in a hit and run try to remember as many details as possible.

Avoid making major statements

After an accident you will be asked numerous questions, whether it's by the police or insurance companies. Police officers generally will ask you questions so that they can compile the evidence and formulate a report. It's very important to try to remain calm when speaking to them, the police are just doing their jobs. You may want to jot down that officer's name as well as it will help later on if you are trying to find your police report.

The insurance company on the other hand is way more difficult to deal with. They will have numerous questions and you should only provide them with basic information such as where it happened, how many cars were involved, and if someone was injured. If you don’t know how to answer a question they are asking, just say exactly that. If they decide they want a recorded call, tell them that your attorney will contact them shortly.

Call legal representation

With so many questions being asked and all the stress and pressure that an accident puts on you it is always a good idea to have a legal support system to guide you. The car accident attorneys at Demesmin and Dover will help guide you as to what to say, what your options are, and they will help ensure you gain the compensation you deserve.

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