How Long Does an Accident Stay on your Record

Updated: Aug 4

When you are looking to switch insurance companies, accidents are something you want to be mindful of. The amount of accidents you have as you’ve probably already noticed can up your insurance costs. So the question most people ask if they do know that is when do accidents get cleared off your record or do they stay there forever?

Your Accident Record

If you have asked yourself that question the answer is simple, no your accident record is not permanent. The length of time in which an accident is on your record is dependent on what state you are in. For Florida residents, that time is about anywhere from 3-5 years. This means that after that period of time that accident is no longer on your record Although there is a caveat to that rule, if the accident is a more severe situation such as a DUI (75 years), property damage of $1,000 or more, or if someone died.

How the Insurance Handles Accidents

Even once the accident is dropped off your record, this doesn’t necessarily mean your insurance rates will go down. The insurance companies can look at your driving history and determine your rates. Some states limit insurance companies as to how far back they can look to determine your premiums.

What if I was not at Fault?

If you were not at fault, there is a chance it may not count against you, each state has different sets of rules for this. In Florida, since we are a no-fault state, higher rates are likely to follow a crash even if you weren’t at fault. This is because regardless of fault your insurance company pays on your behalf for injuries. The premium increase can last anywhere from 3-5 years. The surcharge usually decreases if no other accidents happen during that period of time.

What about Accident Forgiveness Programs?

Some insurance companies offer accident forgiveness programs all that means is regardless of fault, the accident will not be reflected in your premium. Your first accident may be forgiven but on average an accident can raise your rates by about 34%.

So How Do I Know What My Insurance company will do?

The most important thing is to review your policy and see what it entails. As we stated numerous times the rules vary based on what state you are in. If you are struggling with an accident or insurance claim, you may want to call a personal injury attorney. Our team at Demesmin and Dover law firm will help you navigate any accident you have been involved in. So call us today at 866-952-MORE today!

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