Get your tires checked ASAP

Updated: Oct 19

If you own a car, then you know routine checks are not only important to your vehicle's lifespan but also for your safety. That means keeping up with routine oil changes, checking your car's belts, wheel alignments, etc. Although one of the most important routine checks which people look over is having your tires checked. Believe it or not they are probably one of the most important parts of ensuring your car is safe. Not only that, good tires can also contribute to good fuel economy.

Things you need to be aware of when buying tires

If you are looking at which tries to buy or how a tire is holding up, it is important to check the following things:


This grading determines a tires relative wear rate, meaning the higher the treadwear number, the longer the tire should last.


This grading shows a tire's ability to stop on wet pavement. If your traction grading is low it requires a longer amount of distance to stop.


A common occurrence in the state of Florida is the deflation of tires when the weather gets cooler. Do not be worried though, because as soon as a tire reaches the right temperature again, it should be fine. Also note that warmer weather, such as the Florida sunshine, actually causes it to deteriorate faster.

Make sure to routinely check your tires

Tires are an extremely important part of ensuring your car is safe to drive on the roads. Accidents can happen just because routine checks aren’t done on them. As accident attorneys, we have seen this many times with the accidents that occur. In order to prevent that we have a downloadable checklist you can get by clicking the link below as well as some information you may want to know.

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Tire Pressure:

This factor contributes to your tires durability, fuel compensation, and safety. To ensure your tires are always at the right pressure check your drivers manuals as well as try and keep a pressure gauge in your car. You want to make sure your tire are never over or under-inflated.

Tire tread:

This prevents your car from slipping on slippery surfaces. Tires have built-in tread wear indicators. The best way to test the tread of a tire is with a 25-cent piece. Place the quarter upside down into a groove on your tires. If you can see all of George Washington's head through a groove, you might need to buy new tires.


Look for any abnormalities on the outside of your tires. Any cuts or bumps in a tire can show that it is time to change a tire.

Balance and Alignment:

Balance and alignments are routine checks conducted usually by mechanics. The common symptoms of out of balance tires include uneven or worn out tread, vibration in the steering wheel and poor fuel economy.

Tire Rotation:

Regular rotations reduce irregular wear on tires and help your tires last longer as well as improve their fuel efficiency rate.

Tire Size:

Purchase tires that are the same size as the original ones on the vehicle.

Tire Aging Facts

Like all things, over time tires age, they have more issues as they continue to get older. Mainly the rubber is the part that gets affected, whether it's from environmental conditions, regular usage, or just plain old storing them somewhere. The most common occurrence is when a car's tire tread wears out. Tire aging also occurs a lot here in Florida because of our extremely hot climate. The best way to combat aging or tire issues is to continually check them. If an issue arises, you might want to buy new tires.

Why is this important?

As accident attorneys, we find it to be our responsibility to ensure you are safe and protected on the road. Although these tasks may seem monotonous or annoying, they are an important part to ensuring your safety. So many accidents occur because of faulty tires or issues in a vehicle that people do not check regularly. That is why we are trying to provide you with the

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