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What to expect during a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer

Updated: May 23, 2023

If you just got in an accident then you are probably debating whether or not to call a personal injury lawyer. The first step after deciding on a personal injury law firm is a free consultation call, which most personal injury attorneys offer.

personal injury lawyer

So what is a free consultation?

A free consultation is a chance to gain valuable insights and guidance from our experienced team of personal injury attorneys. Let our accident attorneys walk you through what you can anticipate during the consultation and provide you with essential statistics related to personal injury cases.

The Purpose of a Free Consultation Call with a Personal Injury Lawyer:

A free consultation call is designed to offer you professional legal assistance from a personal injury lawyer without any upfront costs. During this initial call, you'll have the opportunity to discuss the details of your case and determine the viability of pursuing legal action.

Your personal injury lawyer there will provide you with the next steps and explain whether any action is needed.

Did you know? Over 90% of personal injury cases are settled out of court, resulting in favorable outcomes for our clients.

What to Expect During the Call:

When you schedule free consultations with Demesmin and Dover, you can expect a personalized and informative discussion. Here are some things you would want to keep in mind:

  • Be prepared: Share a comprehensive account of your accident with your personal injury attorney, providing details that will help them evaluate your case thoroughly. This includes any images taken at the accident scene, any witness information, etc.

  • Discuss all aspects: Try to be as detailed as possible about what happened at the accident scene, what the nature of your injuries are, and how they impact your personal and professional life. The reasoning behind the extra attention to detail is to ensure your personal injury attorney has a comprehensive understanding of the overall situation.

Key Questions to Address:

During the consultation, our attorneys may ask you specific questions to gain clarity and assess the situation:

  • Investigating the accident: We will carefully review the available evidence and assess the strength of your case. Any photos, videos, or witnesses from when the accident happened can be used by your personal injury lawyer to assist your case.

  • Medical Records: In your initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer your injuries will be discussed as well as what medical treatment you have done to heal from your injuries. Those medical records will be needed in your personal injury case to show the extent of your injuries and how they have affected your life.

  • Understanding the recovery process: Our team will explain the financial recovery process, outlining potential outcomes and expected timelines. It is important to note that an accident attorney works on a contingency fee basis, meaning they do not get paid unless your case is won.

  • Interesting fact: Only a small fraction, approximately 5%, of personal injury cases proceed to trial, as most are successfully resolved through negotiation and settlement.

Choosing Demesmin and Dover Law Firm:

Selecting the right legal representation is crucial for your personal injury lawsuit success. When considering Demesmin and Dover for your consultation, keep the following in mind:

  • Explore our reputation: When you are trying to pick which personal injury lawyer to go with you need to understand that company's reputation. View any reputable resources such as their website, that state bar association to ensure they are only listing barred attorneys, see if they are lead counsel verified, or if their google my business has good reviews. Remember their team is the one that will be supporting you after the accident.

  • Did you know? Studies show that approximately 92% of consumers read online reviews to determine the quality and trustworthiness of a business.

Tips for the Consultation:

To make the most of your free consultation with your personal injury attorney, consider the following suggestions:

  • Schedule your initial consultation: Take the important first step in seeking legal advice regarding your personal injury claim. Arranging an initial meeting with our experienced personal injury attorneys is the first step you need.

  • Choose Demesmin and Dover: Our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional legal counsel tailored to your specific needs.

Remember, a free consultation is an opportunity to discuss your case, understand the legal options available to you, and decide on the best course of action. After your free consultation with a personal injury lawyer, they will directly handle the insurance company for you as well as anything else related to your personal injury case.

In summary, when seeking a free consultation to discuss personal injury claims, be prepared to discuss your case thoroughly, understand the recovery process, and choose the right legal representation. Our team is here to guide you through the complexities of personal injury claims and help you pursue the compensation you deserve. So if you or a loved one have ever been in an accident contact us at 866-954-MORE (6673).

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