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Demesmin & Dover Drive with Me Playlist

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

As experienced accident attorneys, we understand the importance of road safety, especially considering the time we spend in our vehicles. Whether it be navigating through early morning traffic, transporting children to school, or navigating congested roads on the way back home, driving can be a significant portion of our daily routines. That's why, while we strive to advise on road safety, we also want to contribute to enhancing the driving experience by sharing a playlist of songs that have been hand-selected by our staff as their preferred driving tracks.

  1. Aston Martin Music by Rick Ross

"Driving with the top down in LA always evokes fond memories." -Victor Demesmin Jr., Managing Partner.

2. Hey Leonardo by Blessid Union of Souls

This song serves as a reminder that regardless of one's accomplishments and material possessions, there will always be someone who values and loves them for who they truly are.“ -Jeremy Dover Managing Partner

3. It’s Alright by Stephen Marley

This song has a calming effect on me, it brings balance to my emotions, regardless of whether I am feeling low or elated. It provides the perfect energy for any moment. -Aurelie Fievre BI Team Member

4. As It Was by Harry Styles

This song evokes a sense of liberation and freedom, encouraging one to let go of worries and embrace the present moment. Its upbeat rhythm and soulful melody invite listeners to enjoy the ride, rolling down their windows and feeling the wind in their hair. The song has a contemplative and soothing quality, making it a perfect choice for a relaxing drive.-Ariel Tilayoff Digital Marketing Director

5. Bulls on Parade by Rage Against the Machine

“It is perfect for those moments when you need a boost of energy and motivation while on the road, and its upbeat rhythm can keep you focused and alert during nighttime driving.” -Luciano DiLorenzo Creative Director

6. Happy by Pharrell Williams

“It just makes me happy.” -Terese Gelin Paralegal

7. Despues de la Playa by Bad Bunny

"This song is like a merengue and rigaton mix. It just makes me want to dance!" -Jessica Flores Customer Service Representative.

8. Beauty in Essex by Daniel Caesar

“It’s a Vibe”- Jasmine Culley PIP Pre-suit legal assistant

9. Ultralight Beam by Kanye

“It's a mix of gospel and it takes me back.” -Jordan Maurice Legal Secretary

10. Safe and Sound by Capital Cities

“This song just makes me happy. It's good for most moods.” -Carla Robles PIP Team Member

11. Where Are You Now by Lost Frequency

“The song is just a vibe, it’s got a nice energy to it and it keeps me awake. I listen to it when I do walking cardio and it's just an altogether fun.” -Marie Milien PIP Pre-suit Legal Assistant

12. Money by the Drums

“This is a song my high school friends and I used to listen to on our car rides. It's just such a teen core vibe, windows down chilling together, such happy moments!” -Eliannet Castillo PIP Pre Suit Legal Assistant

13. American Money by Borns

“This song reminds me of driving down the beach and it's just absolutely the perfect vibe.” -Brett Hart PIP Pre Suit Legal Assistant

14. Floating by Mannywellz

This song is extremely vibey.”-Cepia Rigaud PIP Team Member

15. If I Ever Feel Better by Phoenix

“My Dad used to play this song in the car all the time when I was a kid. It just gives me that nostalgic feeling.” -Diego Labarca PIP Presuit Legal Assistant

16. Efecto by Bad Bunny

First off, Bad Bunny is good. Secondly this song specifically is just so uplifting.” -Peter Ruiz Legal Assistant

17. Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars

This song reminds me of good times with my son in the car. He used to sing this, unable to pronounce the words correctly but it was so cute. So I just used to tell him to sing it just to hear his cute little voice.” -Nicole Schleicher D&D Representative

18. As You Are by The Weeknd

I listen to this song a lot and I just love the Weeknd.” -Ashley Corona Legal Assistant

19. It’s Plenty by Burna Boy

This song wakes me up and makes me want to dance!” -Shakira Augustin Legal Assistant

20. Cruisin' by D’Angelo

Because it’s a freaking vibe. No further explanation needed.” -Samantha Pertusiello Media Director

21. I Ain’t Worried by One Republic

I heard this song in the new Top Gun Movie and have been listening to it non-stop since. It’s just such a nice song!” -Ashley Gaze Graphic Designer

22. Undefeated by Marvin Sapp

"This song just calms my spirit It balances all things going on in my life." -Ian Williams Human Resources Director

23. Before I Let Go by Beyonce

“It brings out my alter ego. I wouldn’t say I necessarily listen to it in the car but I love it.” -Brianna Myrie Marketing Coordinator

24. Hablan De Mi by Omy De Oro

“You can talk all you want but you'll never be as good as me. There's nobody that can beat me but me.” -Cesar Tano Accountant

25. Say it Over and Over Again by John Coltrane

If I'm feeling anxious and want to calm down and mellow out, this is my go to song.” -Christian Lexima Senior Attorney

26. Virgo’s Groove by Beyonce

It’s smooth and it makes me feel like I'm in one of those movie scenes where they ride around, admiring the views while they drive when they are having a good day.” -Patricia Francois Senior Attorney

27. A Keeper by Drake

I just like the beat!” -Elisa Borges PIP Pre-suit Legal Assistant

28. Everything I do by Brian Adams

Anything country is good. I literally listen to all different country songs on the radio all day!” -Anne-Marie Torres Legal Assistant

29. Didn’t I? By Darondo

I like this song because it’s a melody I can’t ever get tired of and it brings me peace." -Andrea Giraldo PIP Pre-suit Manager

30. Churchill Downs Jack Harlow

“Listened to that song the morning I did my first 1 million dollar settlement. The first lyrics of that song are on point with how I felt exactly after that deal was done........’Sometimes when I sit back and really let it register. I did everything I said I would, and said it first. I mean the world's in denial, but they all know what I'm headed for’” -Chris Berman Senior Attorney

31. Found by Tems ft. Bren Faiyaz

It gets played literally everyday and it has two of my favorite artists in it. The song has such a chill vibe.” -Jessica Cherenfant Marketing Specialist

32. Don't Forget My Love by Diplo

"Love this song! The beat is unmatched….love Diplo!" -Lauren Velez PIP Department Manager

33. Counted Steps by Rod Wave

I listen to this when driving because the beat makes me really happy. This song gets me hyped to get back up again. I've been through a lot to be where I am and when I listen to this song on max volume with the windows down, it makes me feel proud of how far I've come.” -Brookelynn Bowsman Legal Assistant

34. Rescue Me by Marshmello ft A Day to Remember

"The perfect blend of EDM/punk rock from 2 of my favorite artists that always pump me up!" -Aisha Haque PIP Litigation

35. Low by Flo Rida

"Apple Bottom Jeans...." -Annette Trueba Marketing Liason

36. In a Minute By Lil Baby

"It's a good song." -Jarin Gooden Chief Operations Officer

37. Lonely Child by Young Boy and Never Broke Again

"This song is just so real." -Sade Robertson Paralegal

38. Can't Stop, Won't Stop by King Combs and Kodak Black

"It's a good song!" -Emily Warford Legal Assistant

39. Kiss by Prince

"Great song to cruise around. Also, if you're with friends and they don't get down to Prince, you can advise them to consult their doctor." -Robert Greenbaum Associate Attorney

40. Lover of My Soul by Jonathan McReynolds

"I chose this song because, this song is a constant reminder that God is everything I will ever need and more!" -Ebony Hankerson PIP Team Member

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