Common Car Accident Mistakes Made with Insurers

Updated: Jun 14

Contacting the Insurance after an accident? Here are some Mistakes to Avoid.

If you have been involved in a car accident it is wise to be wary of insurers. No matter how friendly they seem or how much they insist they are there to help, their loyalty it's to their employer. They save the insurer money by trying to reach a lower settlement. You need to protect yourself by not providing details that insurance companies are not entitled to. It is important that you understand you have a legal and contractual obligation to report an accident to your insurance company. You should only provide basic information until speaking to an accident attorney.

Should I contact their Insurance Company?

You do not have the same contractual obligation to the other person's insurance company. You receive no benefit by providing a statement or signing any paperwork that they send you. The only thing you need is the other person's insurance information and you do not have to provide them with anything. It is best to let an accident attorney deal with your insurance company so that you do not make statements that will ruin your case.

Some of these statements are as follows:

“I was at fault.”

Whatever you say can and will be used against you. You are only aware of what happened from your perspective. Therefore admitting fault without knowing all the details reduces your ability to receive compensation.

“I am not injured.”

The day of the accident is not a good time to determine whether you are injured or not. The flow of adrenaline to the body due from the accident causes you not to experience pain. Sometimes it takes a few days for these pains to set in. There for you never want to say that you have no injuries not knowing what the next day's could entail.

I think or I guess Statements

If you are unsure of something it is better to state "I do not know" then to give them your opinion or estimation. Insurers will try to damage your credibility by asking you to answer a question that will potentially harm your case.

Try to avoid naming others or accepting a settlement before speaking to your personal injury attorney. If you accept the claim you are signing away your right to any future claims therefore it is smart to have an attorney review it before accepting. You may be owed more compensation but if you sign there is no ability to dispute it.

Need a personal injury attorneys help?

If you were injured in an accident or need help with your case feel free to call the injury attorneys at Demesmin and Dover Law Firm. They care more about getting you the compensation that you deserve. call now at 866-954-MORE.

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