3 Cars Involved in an Accident…Who’s at Fault?

Updated: Aug 29

What you need to know about a car accident that involves multiple cars.

When you get into a car accident it is usually easy to determine who is at fault. But what happens when 3 or more cars are involved? Well that is where things get really complicated. Sometimes all of the drivers involved can be proclaimed at fault; it is really dependent on the situation.

One driver could have caused the initial problem that led numerous cars to crash, so is that driver at fault? These types of accidents are usually determined on a percentage basis meaning the person the police find most at fault gets the highest percentage of blame for the accident. Determining the exact cause of an accident like this is difficult as well as if you were injured in an accident, gaining compensation is hard too. So we decided to answer some questions you may have if you were involved in an accident with 3 or more cars.

Since it’s so difficult to pinpoint who is at fault How do Insurance Companies Determine Liability?

Like anything else with these types of accidents, it all depends. It can depend on the percentage of fault the police deemed you to be at fault as well as statements taken etc. For example if there are three cars and the last car is the last in line and hits the car in front of it. Which then in turn makes the middle car hit the car in front of them. That situation clearly puts the back car at fault. Therefore that car would be held most responsible and considered liable. But in those three car situations it is also possible for that middle car to be held partially responsible because he was considered too close to the car in front of him. Lastly the front car could also be held responsible because they stopped short causing the other cars to collide with them. .

Important Factors to Consider when determining fault:

  • Inebriation of Any Drivers

  • Speeding

  • Distracted Driving

  • Not using a turn signal

  • Not paying attention to Traffic Signals & Signs

  • Being too close to the car in front

Why should I contact a Personal Injury Attorney after a Three Car Accident?

The problem with an accident that involves three or more cars, as we’ve stated previously, makes it extremely difficult to determine who is at fault. Therefore there is a possibility you may be found at fault. If you believe that not to be the case, you can definitely challenge it. If you decide to challenge it then you should know that it will be your word against the other drivers.

There’s also the fact that you also have to speak to the insurance company of multiple drivers beside your own. There’s also the risk of you saying something that could implicate you. Therefore having a car accident attorney on your side would allow them to speak on your behalf.

Some Tactics that Insurance Companies try to use Against you, and why You should let an Accident Attorney Handle it

The insurance companies tend to say and word things in a tricky way to get you to slip up and say something that will make them reject your claim. For example they may call expressing concern regarding your injury and accident but really they are breaking down the conversation to try to get you to say something that could put you at fault. They also record most of the conversations they have with you to use as evidence and destroy your case.

Since this is difficult for anyone and insurance companies are not people that you deal with everyday let a car accident attorney assist you after a three car crash. We as personal injury lawyers know all their tricks and tactics therefore we can better assist you in speaking with them and ensure that we do all we can to get you the compensation you deserve. So if the insurance companies call you, you can keep the conversation short and tell them to refer any further communications to your lawyers. Call the lawyers that care more about helping you at 866-954-MORE for your free consultation. We will listen to your case and help in the best way that we can, because to us it’s personal.

What does a Car Accident Attorney do for me?

There are numerous parts to every car accident case and an attorney can help you with a lot of them. It all starts with the initial free consultation in which we gather all of the data and investigate your case. We then find any supporting evidence and document any injuries/ how they occurred. Then we handle all communication with the other drivers, insurance companies, etc. for you. Based off all the information we gather we determine a monetary value for your case meaning any loss you experienced and exactly how to pursue it.

We fight hard to gain you the compensation you deserve whether it is resolved in settlement discussions or in a courtroom. So call today for your free consultation and let's get started on helping you recover from your accident and getting you the compensation you deserve.

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