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What Happens on 17th Street , Stays on 17th Street... 

The Demesmin and Dover Casino, a law firm that has been transformed into a casino for the night. Yet as the paranormal gates open, as they do every Halloween, stranger things happen. What kind of things, you might ask? Well, my traveling friends, let me tell you a little about what a casino in Sin City around Hallow’s Eve is like. For one to survive this night, you must go all in and face Lady Luck herself hoping that your time here will not be your last. 


Our casino is decorated with bright lights and feathers, adorned in crystals, while our tables are covered in playing cards of black and scarlet red. At the front door each guest will be greeted by our sweet check-in girl Lucy, who will hand you some free chips to start the night. 


You will feel a chill as you enter and smoke fills your lungs, but there is no turning back now travelers. For you are now within its walls. As you enter our game room, you will find slot machines with twisted wires, as well as black jack tables, and show girls at your service. 


But don’t let appearances fool you, because nothing is truly as it seems. As you play and drone on you may forget the life outside and your household pet. As your eyes grow tired and the alcohol wears off you might find that the dealer in front of you is dead. If you walk away or try to run you will miss out on all the fun! We have the ghost of Elvis and Zombie players past, and our girl Lucy she will not let you leave. For every place has its ring leader, and Lucy, or as we like to call her Lady Luck wants to see if you will try your hand and win against her. So are you ready to go all in? 

Halloween Party 22'
Oct 27, 2022, 6:30 PM
Fort Lauderdale,
1650 SE 17th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316, USA
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